Events & Exhibitions

Events & Exhibitions

The Armagh Rhymers can provide colour and music for any event or occasion.  We have a pool of highly talented instrumentalists, singers and actors.  We can provide background music, dramatic performances, traditional ritual and festival rites, interactive dramatic and musical experiences and educational plays and activities. 

Whether it be for corporate events; community projects; youth groups;  summer schemes; fairs and outdoor events; market days or any other occasion, we can tailor performances to suit your needs.


Laoch na Laochra/Cú Chulainn, Ulster’s Greatest Hero

The ‘Laoch na Laochra’ (Hero of Heroes) exhibition is based on the book of the same name, produced by Reamonn O Ciaran, in association with Gael Linn, and beautifully illustrated with paintings from our own Dara Vallely.  By popular demand this book was translated from Irish into English and titled ‘Cú Chulainn; Ulster’s Greatest Hero’.

The Exhibition features the original paintings by Dara Vallely, a lecture on the legend of Cú Chulainn by the author in English, Irish or bi-lingually and a performance by the Armagh Rhymers.