The Armagh Rhymers have been touring the world for the past 40 years promoting their homeland.

They have proudly carried the name of their city, Armagh, to Irish festivals in North America, including Milwaukee, Dublin, Ohio, Pittsburgh, New York and Philadelphia. They have brought their children’s plays to the Canadian Children’s Milk Festivals in Toronto, Calgary and Montreal.

In 2017 and 2019 The Armagh Rhymers toured extensively in China. A visit to South Korea under the auspices of ASSITEJ International (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) was a highpoint.

Over the years they have brought their unique brand of Irish music and culture to European neighbours in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and of course our neighbours in England, Scotland and Wales.

The Armagh Rhymers also entertain and inform visitors to Ireland and Armagh, bringing them into the heart of a unique cultural experience, through music, song, poetry and the ancient art of mumming and rhyming. They perform in unusual and atmospheric places, archaeological sites, ancient graveyards, churches and orchards, places where the spirits of the past can be evoked.


We surprise people with the unexpected and show off the distinctive local culture with performances based on our masked house visiting mummers’ tradition. Professor Mick Maloney, Irish Folklore Tours said, – ‘In 26 years of coming to Ireland, our day with The Armagh Rhymers was our best day ever’.

The Armagh Rhymers are developing new experiences all the time with our partners in Tourism NI and ABC council and other local councils.

We look forward to welcoming many old and new friends to Armagh in the future.