The Armagh Rhymers have been working in both English and Irish language schools throughout Ireland for over 40 years.

It is our philosophy that every young person has a right to experience live music, drama and the arts as part of their education. We encourage a high level of participation from the students in drama, music and storytelling. A major focus of our work is to promote tolerance and understanding through education, in the words of John Hewitt “Over us all is the self-same sky”, and we specialise in Shared Education projects.

Our workshops and performances are designed to cover many aspects of the school curriculum, and we offer an ‘always on’ educational calendar with a new theme every month. We can also tailor projects to cover specific topics.

Our hybrid approach to arts education, combines short films, animations & learning resources online on our Digital Classroom, live performances in your school and school visits to our home in Armagh’s Aonach Mhacha. 


Our performances help the students develop music and arts appreciation, confidence through performance and important social skills. Most importantly our shows are fun as well as educational.

Our performances are suitable for all ages and abilities and we have extensive experience in special needs education. Here our performances encourage students of every ability to express themselves and participate in activities. We put a great emphasis on social engagement, identity and working within a group.

In 2011 our arts and science project ‘OASES’ received an international UNAWE award.

Our services include:
  • Drama, music, dance, traditional games and storytelling tailored to meet children’s needs
  • Live performances are complemented by online resources with comprehensive teachers notes and activity plans
  • Wonderful opportunities for special needs children to express themselves
  • ‘Always On’, curriculum linked and project based programmes
  • A great local cultural experience for children from all backgrounds
  • Encourages inclusivity
  • Bi-lingual workshops and performances
  • Art, drama and music workshops
  • Inter schools projects, Shared Education, CRED, extended schools
  • “I have a plethora of comments and quotes from children throughout the school who enjoyed the performance immensely. As a Principal I’m delighted to have hosted the Rhymers it has been too long an absence and it was just delightful to see children, smile, shout, sing, dance and interact. An absolutely wonderful day. Thank you”

    St Peter's Primary School Collegelands

  • “Children were engaged and entertained the entire time . Teachers were impressed with the range of activites, the maximum participation and the content for learning.”

    St Mary’s Primary school Mullaghbawn

  • “An excellent show which entertained and educated….Super show all round.”

    St Patrick's Primary School Cullyhanna

  • “In this climate where children have been bereft of social engagement through class assemblies, visitors to school, school trips and have been confined to one classroom it was a wonderful magical way to bring theatre, entertainment and folklore into their classroom”

    Saints & Scholars Integrated Primary School Armagh

The shows and workshops include:

The Enormous Turnip
(K.S. 1 & 2)

A traditional tale on the importance of sharing and respect. A very polished piece of storytelling and totally hilarious. Children will love to retell and illustrate the story. Workshop and school performance, bi-lingual and Irish Language versions available

Mumming and Drumming

(K.S. 1 & 2)

Celebrating local music and culture with a mix of traditional tunes, poetry and dance and the iconic Lambeg Drum. Delivered in partnership with Lambeg Drum, Fife and Tin Whistle instructor with the Ulster Scots Agency, Willie Hill. Focusing on what unites, rather than divides our community and culture as a celebration of Irish and Ulster Scots language, music and tradition. Perfect for shared education projects.


(Year 8)

In the light of years of disrupted learning and students who have missed out on so much, why not help welcome your new Year 8’s with a fun-filled, interactive show from The Armagh Rhymers? Our Year 8 transition program is called ‘Liminal’  - the concept of the ambiguity or disorientation that occurs during transition. During a rite or ritual’s liminal stage, participants stand at the threshold, not part of their old world but not yet in their new one. Welcome your Year 8's through their Liminal phase with a fun filled, participative experience with The Armagh Rhymers designed to break the ice and form bonds.

Babóg na Bealtaine

(K.S 2)


An unnamed straw doll arrives in your school, with no name, no clothes, no possessions - what do you do? During May, welcome in the summer with a traditional Bábóg with an important message of empathy and hope. A multimedia program that includes class work, online resources via our Digital Classroom and a live performance in school.

Brian Boru and the Vikings
(K.S. 1 & 2)

Children get excellent opportunities for drama and mime and interaction with their audience. Great for cultural heritage as we probably all have a little Viking in us!

The Giants Garden
(K.S. 1 & 2)

A classic story inspired by Oscar Wilde. A beautiful theme with lots of opportunities for follow-up work in literacy and art.

The Old Mummers Show
(K.S. 1, 2,3 & 4)

This is comedy at its traditional best! Amazing characters, masks and costumes. A great musical sing-along and a real chance for the children to join in. Very inspiring for artistic follow-up.

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