Our Board

Meet our passionate board of directors
Anne Hart


Anne as a former teacher has extensive experience in front line education. As former Director of Education at Emain Mhacha she was responsible for a wide range of educational and cultural projects and services. She is a published children’s author and has also written several plays for The Armagh Rhymers. Anne is the animator in the group, facilitating the interactive nature of the performances.

Brigid McGibbon

Board Member

Brigid is employed by Invest NI and is very involved in the Arts around Belfast.  She has also been ‘following’ the Rhymers for about 20 years and is a very active member of the Board.

Noeleen Mone

Board Member

Noeleen is a relatively new board member (2018) and was previously a highly respected Senior Teacher in St. Patrick’s High School, Keady.  She is very interested in the traditions and culture of Ireland; a dedicated walker and cyclist and it is an advantage to have her on our board.

Mary Murphy

Board Member

Mary is a goldsmith/jewellery maker and she has created a suite of jewellery inspired by Dara Vallely’s art work in Loach na Laochra. She joined the board in 2017 and is proving to be a great addition.

John McAllister

Board Member

John has been a board member for 10 years and was previously an accountant in another life.  He is now an author with 4 printed books. He is Chair of the board and also writes articles on mumming for international journals on our behalf.