Activities within the community

Community Groups

The Armagh Rhymers work extensively with local community groups.  We provide entertainment and educational experiences for summer schemes, youth groups and other extra-curricular projects.  We also work extensively with residents groups and community organisations on projects to promote social cohesion and community relations.  Our versatility allows us to tailor projects to suit your needs.

Care Homes and the Elderly

The Armagh Rhymers present a range of sensitively selected songs and music to bring happiness and stir good memories. Our dementia friendly and reminiscence programmes appeal to older people, many of whom remember Rhymers and Mummers visiting their homes when they were children.

Cross Community Work

The Armagh Rhymers have been committed to promoting peace, tolerance and reconciliation for over 40 years.

One of the main concepts underpinning all of our work is the importance of understanding and acceptance of different cultures, ideas and languages. We see this as key to maintaining a peaceful and prosperous society.

We continue to work with people of all backgrounds, cultures and nationalities to promote this ideal.