Armagh Rhymers are highly skilled at presenting and managing Shared Education Programmes insuring that all children are involved and motivated by the experience.
Programmes for Primary school

Armagh Rhymers have created a number of highly interactive, educational and very enjoyable performances and workshops. The work supports the curriculum particularly in English & drama, music, ICT, The World Around Us and Cultural Heritage. Socially and emotionally the performances encourage the children to come together to play and express themselves through song, music and drama.

The Armagh Rhymers work with many experts, including astronomers, visual artists, museum professionals, archaeologists and environmentalists to develop existing programmes and create new ones.

Many of our programmes are based on Irish and universal folk tales, introducing many characters and situations for the children to learn from.

Armagh Rhymers are always popular visitors with children’s Summer schemes.

Our partnership programmes with Armagh Observatory ‘OASES’ taught astronomy, science, dance and music to primary and nursery aged pupils. We were delighted when the project won an UNAWE (Universal Awareness) award.

Below is a sample of our performances:

The Enormous Turnip
(KS 1 & KS 2)

A lively, hilarious tale on the importance of sharing and respect. Programme comprised of stagecraft workshop followed by performance for a real audience.

Babóg na Bealtaine

(K.S 2)

An unnamed straw doll arrives in your school, with no name, no clothes, no possessions – what do you do? During May, welcome in the summer with a traditional Bábóg with an important message of empathy and hope. A multimedia program that includes class work, online resources via our Digital Classroom and a live performance in school.

Fionn MacCool and the Scottish Giant
(KS 1 & KS 2)

Our most loved folk tale about how the Giant’s Causeway was created. Children love this action packed show full of participation, music and movement.

The Old Mummer’s Show
(KS1, KS 2 & KS 3)

Traditional comedy at its best. Amazing characters, masks and costumes illustrate the ancient and universal art of mumming and rhyming.

The Navan Dragon
(KS1 & KS2)

This tale crosses continents and overcomes adversity! Featuring King Connor of Navan Fort and a Chinese Dragon with a twist in its tail. This is wonderful storytelling.

Myth & Mask
(KS3 & KS4)

Older pupils can experience an exciting mixture of music, song, poetry, storytelling and drama centred around local legends and featuring a wide selection of iconic Armagh Rhymers masks.

Irish medium education

Our educational programmes are available in Irish to primary and secondary schools.

Ulster Scots and Scots Gaidhlig

Armagh Rhymers have undertaken tours of Gaidhlig schools in Scotland and the Isle of Skye. Our Mumming and drumming programme was a partnership with Orange Heritage.

Special Needs Education

Many of our programmes are very suitable for children and adults with special and additional needs. All of our performers are from an educational background. Programmes for children and adults with special needs are always developed in partnership with teachers.

Other programmes -
  • Dementia friendly programmes and reminiscence programmes for older people. The Armagh Rhymers present a range of sensitively selected songs and music to bring happiness and stir good memories. Many older people remember Rhymers and Mummers visiting their homes when they were children.
  • Community groups – The Armagh Rhymers work with many community groups to help develop festivals, special days and cross community engagement. We specialise in working with minority and newcomer communities.
  • Museums, galleries and National Trust, local councils – Armagh Rhymers work with providers to create special days for families, young people and visitors. Collins Barracks, Ireland’s National Museum, has invited us for over twenty years to perform at their New Year opening .Since the1970s we have been a part of Cultra Folk Museum’s programmes.