The Armagh Rhymers Literary Trail

The Armagh Rhymers are delighted to launch our brand new digital guidebook.
Based on a piece of original art by Dara Vallely, ‘Macha, The Horse Goddess’ The Armagh Literary Trail takes youthrough some of the most important literary locations in and around Armagh City, told through the work of the Rhymers.
Each icon featured on Macha represents a different literary location around Armagh, click through to read more about them and how they have featured in or influenced the work of the Rhymers. Play videos of Rhymers performances at that location or listen to audio recordings of poetry or music.
👁️ The Eye represents Aonach Mhacha the cultural hub based in the historic shambles which is home to the Armagh Rhymers
👑 Brian Boru’s crown leads you to the walls of St Patrick’s Church of Ireland cathedral which stands next to the Robinson Library
🎵 Musicians play their tunes, whether on the bodhrán, the uilleann pipes or the Lambeg Drum, telling stories passed down through the ages
⛪ The Holy Man takes you to Armagh’s famous cathedrals and St Patrick’s College alumnus John Montague who wrote of his time as a boarder in the school.
🌠 The astronomer looks to the skies to tell his story, as John Hewitt wrote “Over us all is the self-same sky and who shall mock at the steadfast stone.”
⚔️ The chariot takes you to ancient Emain Macha and the Horse Goddess from whom Armagh got it’s name
🥁 The Lambeg Drummer represents Orange Heritage and the Mumming & Drumming project
🍎 The orchard celebrates the Orchard county and the Wassail, Blossom & Load
🖊️And of course, the writer who holds a pen in one hand and a mirror in the other, reflecting the vibrant literary heritage that continues in Armagh to this day
This project was developed as part of the program that aims to grow the literary tourism sector in the Northern Periphery and Arctic region by supporting the organisations and businesses in this culturally-rich region to grow collaborate and better engage audiences together.
Follow the Literary Trail HERE